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News from Simon

Not only the name but also the look & feel of Enterprise Center Simon Stevin is changed to SIMON. Since the construction of the offices at the end of the nineties, the business center Simon Stevin has been called. We thought it was time for a clear new face, where a well-findable and pleasant working environment for all entrepreneurs in the complex is central. Assisted by interior designer Suzanne Vromans (Vicinity Design) and concept developer / rental consultant Ernst Wilton (Werkstek), a complete and coherent plan has been devised. The plan will be elaborated and implemented in the coming months. First of all a clear name, SIMON offices and SIMON halls. Second, new, fresh colors. SIMON offices will receive a bright yellow track with SIMON and 27 on the outside.

Work on SIMON
In addition to the exterior painting, the entrance and the ground floor of SIMON offices will also be tackled in the coming period. The ground floor of SIMON offices will be a place to meet, work, consult and relax. The entrance will be moved and there will be a new reception with coffee bar. Lounge and work areas with WIFI, two meeting rooms with video screens, new furnishings and colors also get a place on the renewed ground floor.

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