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New sustainable office Intercity Real Estate Management

Intercity Real Estate Management B.V. has moved into the new sustainable office space as of 28 December. We have moved from our former branch at Jupiterstraat 67 in Hoofddorp to Diamantlaan 15 in Hoofddorp, located on the business park Graan voor Visch. Our new transparent office space, the size of which is approximately 487 m² VVO, is provided under our management with a modern and contemporary interior with various industrial features. The new accommodation is located on the first floor of the fully renovated and modernized office building, which is equipped with the energy label A. We have access to a fiber optic internet connection and ample parking facilities.

The reason for our move is the redevelopment of the former Beukenhorst-West office location in the new Hyde Park district on the Kruisweg in Hoofddorp. The former office building on the Jupiterstraat has to make way for apartments and various facilities. In our search for new office space, representativeness, accessibility, sustainability and of course a pleasant working environment were paramount. The new building has the look that fits with Intercity Real Estate Management B.V. and also provides for facilitating further growth opportunities for the organization.

You are most welcome in our new office.