Requested: Property accountant with emphasis on debtor management

For the management of our growing real estate portfolio we are looking for a debtor manager, who finds it a challenge to act as a link between the administration and property management.

This is an independent position in which you become responsible. for the debtor management of approximately 70 real estate companies for which we provide management.

You will use your energy and energy to ensure that tenants pay the rent on time. To realize this you proactively communicate with tenants, property managers and owners of the real estate. The reminders and calling of tenants are good for you, and it gives you satisfaction when all claims are met. If necessary, you will find payment arrangements with tenants and transfer your claims for collection. You have weekly contact with the debt collection agency to monitor the transferred items. In addition, you register bank guarantees and guarantees in order to monitor the risk profile of outstanding items.

Every week you discuss the progress and required action with the property managers and every month you present the priorities to the management.

In addition, the structure of the real estate administration is part of your permanent work. This concerns in particular the creation of the lettable units, the processing of leases and the renewal of leases (making the monthly invoices) in AccountView.

Other activities that are part of your tasks include processing bank mutations of companies in which real estate is housed, taking care of tax returns and performing ad hoc other administrative activities to temporarily support colleagues.

Do you recognize yourself in the following profile?

  • A medior debtor, approximately 5 years of experience with credit management, preferably real estate administrations.
  • He or she is ready for a second or third career move.
  • Representative and a good command of the Dutch language in word and writing.
  • Knowledge of tenancy law and dealing with collection agencies and the motivation to further develop this knowledge.
  • A team player who gets energy from working together in a dynamic environment. The dynamics of real estate is that the transfer of premises often takes place at unexpected moments, so that a switch must be made quickly to conclude contracts and suppliers have to be instructed for this. The transfer is provided by a colleague from the technical department, but you have to deal directly with the consequences of this in the invoice processing. That is why, in addition to good cooperation with your immediate colleagues from the finance department, cooperation with the commercial technical department is also very important.
  • Communicative skills, someone who is able to switch at different levels. Someone who finds his place on the natural road within the team, and likes to play an active role within the team. Think for example of participating in a vrijmibo or daily lunch. Together we work to further optimize the quality and efficiency of our work.
  • Good knowledge of and experience with Excel.
  • A pro active institution and result oriented institution.
  • In this function you will deal a lot with owners of the real estate that we manage, with property managers and with tenants.
  • Do you get energy from convincing stakeholders and do you have insight into the dynamics of debt collection?
  • Service provider and self-starter.
  • Living in a radius of 25 kilometers from Hoofddorp.
  • Minimum 32 hours a week available, interpretation in consultation.
  • Salarisindicatie market conform, depending on experience and training.

Are you enthusiastic about the description above?

You can apply by sending your resume (and motivation) to Stefan Nederstigt RA, Director Finance via snederstigt@irm.nl, or by contacting him by telephone on 088-0038455.