//Successful start for Intercity Real Estate Management with Huurbieding.nl

Successful start for Intercity Real Estate Management with Huurbieding.nl

Intercity Real Estate Management started using the rental platform www.huurbieding.nl at July 2013 with 20 notifications.

The premises concerned are located throughout the Netherlands and include office, retail and commercial facilities.

Six months later, Kees Jan Verplanke (Huurbieding.nl) and IRM were able to look back on a successful launch! IRM manages various property portfolios which may include empty premises. In order to generate extra leads, we use a range of tools, including Huurbieding.nl. IRM: in a very short space of time, we have seen various rental successes; the offers and viewing requests come straight to our colleagues. The requests are picked up by our Asset Managers on the same day! The rapid rental success with IRM has largely come about as a result of the fact that they pick up and process any requests themselves and this is a much quicker process, says Kees Jan Verplanke. Huurbieding.nl tends to work with owners, asset managers or property clubs so lines of communication are shorter and deals are finalised quicker.