//Report technical issues via whatsapp

Report technical issues via whatsapp

In order to keep lines of communication with our tenants even shorter, you can report issues via Whatsapp as of today. This method means that issues can be reported, with a photo if necessary, at any time within normal office hours.

How does it work?

  • Add the number 06-57095216 to the contacts in your address book under the name ‘reporting problems to IRM’ or similar.
  • Open WhatsApp and find the number in your contacts list.
  • You can now send us a direct Whatsapp message and report your technical issue.
  • Please include in the message: your name, company, address, description, photo(s). You can also leave a message about these issues using the audio function.

Quick answer

We are available on Whatsapp on workdays between 08.00 and 17.00. We do our best to respond within 30 minutes. If you send a message in the evening or at weekends, you will receive an answer the next working day.

What can you use Whatsapp for?

You can use WhatsApp to contact Intercity Real Estate Management directly and:

  • report a technical issue
  • send photos of issues and the situation
  • provide information about the status of an ongoing issue

Whatsapp is used according to the Whatsapp general terms and conditions. By using the service, you accept these conditions.