The Zoomers Office Nieuwegein

New life for an outdated office

At the Zoomers Office the positive fibe is back

When the building was purchased it had a 90% vacancy rate and it looked like it was still the 80s. The facilities, the decor, the finish … It had to be thrown out or renovated completely . Now there is a fresh lively office, adapted for pleasant working today.

Back to the drawing board

What kind of office would you create if it had to last for the next 30 years?

After purchasing the building it was completely stripped and all technical installations were replaced. A clean slate. The way we work is changing, work is becoming more flexible, an office should be an inspiring place to meet. That is the intention behind the make-over of Office building Zoomers. The building is now a place where companies with different backgrounds and sizes daily realise a dynamic buzz.

“We want to get an exciting mix of businesses.”

Designed to inspire each other

Much attention is paid to the shared spaces. These are the areas that determine the atmosphere and can make an office a success. The rooms invite you to work together, consult one another and provide a warm and dynamic atmosphere. Flex-workers, multinationals, startups, the established order … everybody comes together in office building Zoomers.

A Business environment, but not detached

We build for people. Not for companies. That means the atmosphere and comfort sometimes take precedence over efficiency. There must be space to think, just relax and sit for a one-on-one discussion and concentrated work. Office building Zoomers ‘feels’ good. Yeah, that does not sound very businesslike, but we learned that people here are extra productive because of that.